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Iris Prize 2022

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This September I was delighted to be invited to attend the Iris Prize short film festival opening night, hosted in Cardiff. Not only was this my first film festival, but also the first time I have ever seen my name in the credits on a proper cinema screen as the opening film of the festival happened to be a short I worked on earlier this year! A big night for firsts!

Our film, ‘G-Flat’ written and directed by the brilliant Peter Darney, tells the story of Ceri, an elderly ex-cellist haunted by his loneliness and longing for the past, played by national treasure Richard Wilson. It was a wonderful experience seeing the finished film in a real theatre, and reuniting with the fantastic crew I worked with. 5 other LGBT+ short films were premiered throughout the evening, all of an unbelievably high standard. More than a few tears were shed amongst the audience, and a lot of laughs too. It was a fantastic collection of emotive, well executed short films.

Listed below are the films premiered on this evening -

Following the premiere, key cast and crew members were invited up for a Q&A. It was brilliant hearing about the ideas behind each project and seeing the passion of everyone involved.

I was also thrilled to hear that another film entered into the prize ‘The Bed’ directed by Thalia Kent-Egan, a fantastic film maker I worked with on another project this year, won the Education Award for best educational short. You can read more about this project below.

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