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The 2022 Wrap Up with Stefanie Sword-Williams & Kira Matthews

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Last night I attended a talk hosted at Fora Soho from Stefanie Sword-Williams of 'F*ck Being Humble' and Kira Matthews of 'No Room For Doubt'.

The keys goals of this workshop were self-reflection and intention-setting, looking back on the last year and planning for the next.

I have been following Stef's work and platform for the last 2 years and her advice and workshops have been instrumental to my career wins in those years. Attending a live talk of hers has been a goal of mine for some time and it did not disappoint!

All evening there was a beautiful vibe of celebration, empowerment and being in a safe space to share not only successes but fears.

This was my first introduction to the world of Kira Matthews but I am already hungry for more! I thought this collaboration between these two was just perfect.

I am so glad I attended this fantastic event, I left feeling truly elated!

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